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Community Partners

Carter's Kids is proud to work with some of the most established brands from different industries. Our Community Partners comprise a growing network of organizations working to build stronger communities throughout the country. We would appreciate your support of those who support us… and invite you to join their efforts in partnering with Carter’s Kids. For additional information, please email us at

“Neither of us can do everything, but each of us can do something.”

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Rita & Richard Mahler

Rita & Richard Mahler

CEO & Founder
Richard Mahler & Associates

Richard Mahler is the founder of International Children’s Support foundation (I.C.F.), a not-for-profit 501c(3) Public Fundraising Foundation, created to plant seeds of hope in the minds & hearts of our future generation. Our goal is to raise funds for children locally and worldwide. We partner with many organizations to encourage education to overcome welfare and poverty. Develop youth programs to interact with children of all ages. We discuss substance abuse along with a commitment to change lifestyles of violence and gang activity.

For over 20 years, Rich Mahler has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for Charities, working with donors through their estate planning efforts. We take pride in our work with institutions. These funds aided in the development of children and their families, here and across the world to Africa. We work with Community Outreach organizations who focus on low socioeconomic communities. He has accomplished this feat through developing and personally funding basketball leagues for the benefit of children.

Rich financially supports many Foster Children Programs being a foster child himself. Furthermore, Rich has funded college scholarships for various foster children. His passion runs deep from supporting our seniors in nursing homes by his years on the Board of Egers Nursing Home and traveling to Africa on Missionary Trips and working alongside a group affiliated with Ambassadors and Presidents worldwide.

“My partnership with Carter’s Kids is a great example of my commitment to stay true to my life’s mission of supporting efforts that are transforming the lives of youth while ensuring that these efforts are sustained into the future.” Rich Mahler, Jr.

Richard Mahler, founder and President of Richard Mahler & Associates, which has been in existence for over 20 years. Our sincere dedication, experience and knowledge in Financial Planning enables us to service and advise all levels of net worth families, business owners, institutions, executives, entertainers, and professional athletes nationwide with their insurance and all their financial needs. RMA’s services include, but are not limited to, reviewing Wills & Trusts, analyzing existing Investment Portfolios, creating Family Mission Statements, Estate planning, investment planning, retirement planning and managing qualified money.

Rich has received a number of Professional Designations and Awards throughout his career but to him there is no title that he has received in the past that can be compared to his Community Service Award that was presented to him by the Community he serves.

Life would not be complete without his wife, Rita married for 27 years, and his two wonderful sons Richard Mahler III and Robert Mahler, who also share his passions of business and the I.C.F. vision. Together, as a family, we share a passion for the work we do for our Clients and our Community.